• Curtis Pickering

About Sticks of Thunder

The Sticks of Thunder is an explosive show-style percussion group modeled roughly after the original Sticks of Thunder percussion troupe, which toured the U.S. and sold out over 100 shows at Kansas City's Union Station auditorium. This group will perform new cutting-edge, custom written charts in addition to literature composed for the original group. Developed musical, technical, and acting abilities will be required of all members.

Curtis Pickering

Curtis Pickering

At heart, a Music Man. As a nationally renowned music and film producer, Curtis Pickering, Founder of the Sticks of Thunder Academy (SOTA) in Overland Park, has demonstrated to Fortune 500 companies all over the world how music can educate and motivate. Now, with the Sticks of Thunder Academy he brings together the culmination of that experience and two great passions—music and education. “What the world needs most,” said Pickering, “is good thinkers, and music stimulates both learning and cognitive thinking.” The goal of SOTA, headed by the best-of- the best-- from high-level professional musician educators to a dean with a PhD in music-- is to reach and teach high school and college students through a credit-based curriculum. “SOTA can start a student on the path to a career in music or just instill a life-long love of making music,” said Pickering. “Either way, it’s a good thing”.

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